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End of Novathings adventure

Dear customers, friends and partners,

It is with a heavy heart that we announce the end of our Startup Novathings after 5 years of an incredible adventure.

5 years during which our commitment was intense, with victories, moments of joy, doubts, but also stress and disappointment.

5 years of a Human Adventure filled with challenges, meetings, demos at trade shows, pitch, posts – tweets, R&D, developments and deliveries, user support (praised by users and journalists).

All these moments will remain etched in our memories and hearts.

We are proud of our track record and our helixee product.

The protection and secure sharing of our personal data remains a major challenge for the future of our company, in the face of the Internet giants of America and China.

At Novathings, we have fought to provide you with the best solutions: helixee Smart Disk, then Smart Cloud were designed with one goal in mind: to give you back control of your personal data while respecting your privacy.

Unfortunately, we were unable to achieve sufficient sales volume for helixee Smart Disk, despite a presence in the French distribution networks and the support of our historical investors and business angels.

We did not have the opportunity to raise funds at the end of 2018 and thus perpetuate our offers, including with the launch in mid-October of our new helixee “Smart Cloud” offer.

Short of cash, Novathings was placed in “Judicial Recovery” in mid-November and then on January 10, 2019, the Commercial Court of Salon-de-Provence pronounced the “Judicial Liquidation”.

Latest version of helixeeOS (V6)

This is the end of the adventure for us, but we have made sure that your helixee continues to work normally.

Since September, we had planned the release of the new version (V6) of helixeeOS by the end of 2018.

With the launch of helixee Smart Cloud in October, we took the opportunity to integrate all the new features (new user profile management, data recovery on PC, improved email notifications).

This new version of helixeeOS and helixee applications (iOS, Android, Windows, MacOS and even Linux!) will allow you to fully enjoy your helixee.

We invite you to update your helixee by plugging it into your internet router.
helixee updates automatically at startup and at night if you leave it on.

To know the system version of your helixee:

Enter the serial number (Enter only the first 7 digits) of your helixee in the text field below and click on validate:


Your helixee will continue to work

Just because Novathings stops does not mean that you will no longer be able to use your helixee.

During the month of December 2018, we prepared a technical infrastructure that will last until November 30, 2019.

Maintaining backup and sharing features (without time limit)

The applications will continue to work and will allow you to back up your data from all your devices.

The backup will continue to be done in your local network, at home and without time limit.

On the other hand, remote backup of mobile devices will work until November 30, 2019.

Maintaining secure remote access service (until November 30, 2019)

Thanks to our infrastructure, maintained until November 30, 2019, you will still be able to access your helixee remotely, in a secure way through the My.helixee.me portal.

After this date, or even now if you wish, you can still access your data remotely without going through our portal, but this time directly through your internet router.

Tips to access helixee through your internet router:

  1. You must authorize the use of the communication port 9001 on your internet router (incoming traffic redirected locally on the same port),
  2. You need to know the public IP address of your internet router (for this, go to IP Location)
  3. Go to the My.helixee.me portal.
  4. Indicate in the field “name of your helixee”, the public IP address of your internet router

User Support

Our user support will not be able to continue beyond January 31, 2019.

However, we have planned to maintain the user manual on the www.helixee.me website and the knowledge base on support.novathings.com

After January 31, 2019, if you have a problem with your helixee:

1- During a first installation, if the serial number of your helixee is less than 0001000 and the update step never ends, it means that your helixee is unable to update its OS on its own, which is necessary for its proper functioning. You will need to return your helixee for a refund or standard exchange.

2- Your helixee is installed, you received the confirmation email during the installation, but the connection fails. If the connection fails, and the error message indicates that your helixee is unreachable, always check all of the following points:

  • Restart your helixee by leaving the network cable connected between your helixee and your Internet Router
  • The light is green. If the light is not green, check the meaning in our FAQs
  • Try connecting to http://my.helixee.me from Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox browser
  • Check that the name of your helixee is correct in the installation confirmation email of your helixee
  • Check that your computer or smartphone is connected to the same network as the one to which your helixee is connected (local connection check)

3- If you succeed in connecting to your helixee, but observe a bug or malfunction on one of the helixee features, no action can be taken. The helixee applications will no longer be updated. The only manipulation to try is to restart your helixee.

For any other difficulties or questions, we invite you to browse our FAQs from our Support site support.novathings.com or write a message on the Novathings or helixee facebook page to ask the helixee community for help.

Some members of the Novathings team are part of the “helixee community” group on Facebook and may be able to provide additional answers to the FAQs and our user manual.


First of all, thanks to the entire Novathings team who deployed considerable energy, always motivated, with great professional conscience despite the many challenges.

Thanks to our customers, first hour backers for our project on Kickstarter and thanks to all our friends who encouraged and supported us throughout the adventure.

Thank you to our founding partners and historical Business Angels who believed in us and our project and who did not hesitate to take risks from the beginning.

Thank you to our institutional investors and financial partners such as BPI who believed in the strong potential of our project and in our team.

Thanks to our French industrial partners who enabled us to get the project off the ground thanks to their know-how and logistical support.

Thank you to our distributors and distribution companies who have purchased and distributed our products.

Thanks to our Press Relations agency as well as to the bloggers and journalists who have been able to promote helixee over the years.

Thank you to all our regional partners who have accompanied us with kindness and special attention.

Thank you all!

The Novathings team