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June 2018

5.3 version

29 June 2018|

New features

  • You can now select contacts you backed up on helixee to invite a new user (Add a user, Share a sphere from
  • Share a sphere faster thanks to the “Select All” option on the list of users of your helixee (Share a sphere from

Improvements and fixes

  • Fixed a problem preventing dragging and dropping a complete folder into My drop zone
  • Improvement of the message when a sphere contains no data
  • Fixed an issue that could prevent a textual search of the “My data” section
  • Changed the default display order on data list views: the data is now displayed in alphabetical order
  • Improvement of the speed of displaying photos in remote access
  • Improved connection stability in remote access
  • Other minor bug fixes

May 2018

5.2.9 release

24 May 2018|

New features

  • “Slide area”: Adding “slides” to the sidebar for “My data”


  • Case “Select All”: Replace a “Select All” button in favor of a checkbox.
  • Profile Image: Corrected refresh of the profile image in the “My Profile” section.
  • Contact profile picture: Correcting the display of the profile picture of the contacts
  • Improved display times: Optimization of display times of file blocks
  • My Drop Zone Return Button: Added a clickable on the “My Drop Zone” heading for a return to the parent zone.
  • Info bubble over file: Adding an informative message of the files overflowed in grid mode in the spheres.
  • Task counter in progress: Correction of the current task counter.

5.1.1 release

3 May 2018|

New features

  • Alert for the launch of safe-strong service: This feature allows you to hold the current launch of the new offer “My-Safe”
  • Viewing the password on the page “My account” : Added a button to view your password.
  • Account Creation – Language and Country of Residence: When creating your account, you can specify your language and country of residence.


  • Images preview of the spheres: Correction of the image serving as visual to the sphere
  • Tutorial Steps: Reordering Tutorial Steps
  • Popin Waiting Wire: Adding an Informational Message of the Progress of the File in the Queue

April 2018

5.0.0 release

25 April 2018|

New features

  • Drag and drop: This new feature allows you to drop your files into a Drop Zone wherever you are.
  • Deleting emails: Adding a button to select and delete emails
  • Adding a user: Setting a button on the left menu to add a user


  • Full selection of contacts and emails: Correction of the complete selection button in the contacts and emails area.
  • File processing time: Optimization of file processing times of a backup.
  • Add file to a new sphere: Add an informative message to find the newly created sphere.
  • Photo search: Correction of the results displayed after a search carried out, where no result
  • Activity Feed Display: Fixed Repetition of Activity.

February 2018

4.4.13 release

15 February 2018|


  • Support for m4a audio format: Added support for m4a audio format

4.4.10 release

2 February 2018|


  • Message confirmation add/delete in a sphere: Correction of the informative message of adding or deleting elements in a sphere.
  • Pagination of blocks in remote access: Correction of the pagination of the blocks for a complete display
  • Refresh the display of existing spheres: Fixed refreshing existing spheres when adding elements
  • Display of the wall of a sphere in remote access: Correction of the display of spheres in remote access
  • Viewing photos in remote access: Correction when a second view of a photo

January 2018

Version 4.4.7

29 January 2018|

New features

  • Choice of language: You can from now on choose your preferred language at any time.Click on the top right to change it.
  • Add the eye on forgotten password and invitation: This feature allows you to view your password.
  • Account creation – Language and country of residence: When creating your account, you can now choose your language and country of residence.
  • Multiple / group selection: You have the possibility to make a multiple selection of several visible elements.
  • Fix
  • Video player: Correction of the launch of the video player in list mode and in the heading \”All files”
  • Message to the first video playback: Correcting the message when playing a video for the first time.
  • Viewing photos by date: Resetting the sort order when changing the type of display.
  • Search engine for the Recycle Bin : Fixed Search Functionality to the trash.
  • Viewing files waiting for processing: Correcting the message of files waiting to be processed when queuing files to be backed up
  • “Cancel” button after displaying photo filters: Fixed the cancel button display during the selection mode in the photos section
  • Switch to the next photo with the viewer: Added ability to navigate between photos with the list viewer
  • View the last saved files on the home page: Add a button “Show all folders “
  • Filter on document extensions: Extension filter correction
  • Pagination of elements in list view: Correction to display the last element.