Version 6.0

New features Profiles management :  We have added a new management of profiles and user rights. Now you can manage the available disk space for each user account, as well as their profile type that will determine their level of access on your helixee: User : Users can save and share data via their own [...]


5.3 version

New features You can now select contacts you backed up on helixee to invite a new user (Add a user, Share a sphere from Share a sphere faster thanks to the "Select All" option on the list of users of your helixee (Share a sphere from Improvements and fixes Fixed a problem [...]


5.2.9 release

New features "Slide area": Adding "slides" to the sidebar for "My data" Fix Case "Select All": Replace a "Select All" button in favor of a checkbox. Profile Image: Corrected refresh of the profile image in the "My Profile" section. Contact profile picture: Correcting the display of the profile picture of the contacts Improved display [...]


5.1.1 release

New features Alert for the launch of safe-strong service: This feature allows you to hold the current launch of the new offer "My-Safe" Viewing the password on the page "My account" : Added a button to view your password. Account Creation - Language and Country of Residence: When creating your account, you can specify [...]


5.0.0 release

New features Drag and drop: This new feature allows you to drop your files into a Drop Zone wherever you are. Deleting emails: Adding a button to select and delete emails Adding a user: Setting a button on the left menu to add a user Fix Full selection of contacts and emails: Correction of [...]


4.4.10 release

Fix Message confirmation add/delete in a sphere: Correction of the informative message of adding or deleting elements in a sphere. Pagination of blocks in remote access: Correction of the pagination of the blocks for a complete display Refresh the display of existing spheres: Fixed refreshing existing spheres when adding elements Display of the wall [...]


Version 4.4.7

New features Choice of language: You can from now on choose your preferred language at any time.Click on the top right to change it. Add the eye on forgotten password and invitation: This feature allows you to view your password. Account creation - Language and country of residence: When creating your account, you can [...]