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The company

Novathings was founded in 2014 by a team of experts in web, telecom and software publishing, united by a common vision: to provide everyone with simple and innovative solutions to protect and save our digital life. Designed and based in France, helixee is the first French Cloud solution that integrates both automatic data backup features and a secure private social network.

Our values

At Novathings, we fight every day to offer you the opportunity to finally regain control of your personal data.
Faced with the Americans and Chinese giants of Internet , who covet and exploit our data and our behavior on the web, we think that we must provide an alternative.

This is why our ambition is to provide a sovereign solution across France and Europe.

The World Wide Web was not designed to reduce our freedoms, it’s quite the contrary! Internet and online services must contribute to better sharing information and knowledge but above all they must make our lives easier, while respecting our freedoms.

Making the choice of helixee is choosing freedom and respect for privacy.

Regain your personal freedom: jump into the helixee!!

Financial Partners

Invst I/O

CM-CIC Innovation-INNOV8 Group

Provence Business Angels

Business Angels Network

PACA Investment

Co-Investment Fund

Caap Création

CAAP creation

Credit Agricole Alpes Provence


Public Investment Bank

Mediterranean People’s Bank


Institutional partners

Mines Saint Etienne

Saint-Étienne Mines

Advanced Engineering Training for the industry

Inria Institut de recherche dédié au numérique


Research institute dedicated to digital

Pôle SCS Pôle de compétitivité mondial

SCS Cluster

Global competitiveness Cluster

Réseau Entreprendre Associations locales de chefs d'entreprise site web

Network undertaking

Local Associations of business leaders

Business France Internationalisation de l'économie française

Business France

Internationalization of the French economy

Pépinière de Meyreuil Pépinière d'entreprises innovantes du Pays d'Aix

Meyreuil Nursery

Incubator of innovative companies in the country of Aix