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January 2019

Version 6.0

17 January 2019|

New features

    • Profiles management : 
      We have added a new management of profiles and user rights.
      Now you can manage the available disk space for each user account, as well as their profile type that will determine their level of access on your helixee:

      • User : Users can save and share data via their own account on your helixee and they can suggest other users to invite.
      • Guest : Guests can access the spheres you share with them, enjoy and comment on your shares.
        They cannot save data on your helixee.

      Users can in turn invite other people, but approvals are reserved for the Administrator.


    • Data recovery on PC:
      You can now view your helixee data directly from your Windows or Mac browser without using your web browser. This feature allows you to recover your data directly to your computer.However, no modifications or additions are possible from your browser, you must continue to use PC, mobile or web applications for this.


  • E-mails notifications:
    Don’t miss any more interactions with your loved ones, receive an e-mail to inform you of each activity on your helixee:

    • Invitations notifications: You will receive an email when an invitation is accepted by a user. If you are a helixee owner, you will also receive an email for invitations that have not been accepted for 7 days.
    • Sphere’s activity: You will receive an email when a like or comment is posted in the spheres to which you have access or when new data is added to them.

Improvements and fixes

  • Minor bug fixes

June 2018

5.3 version

29 June 2018|

New features

  • You can now select contacts you backed up on helixee to invite a new user (Add a user, Share a sphere from
  • Share a sphere faster thanks to the “Select All” option on the list of users of your helixee (Share a sphere from

Improvements and fixes

  • Fixed a problem preventing dragging and dropping a complete folder into My drop zone
  • Improvement of the message when a sphere contains no data
  • Fixed an issue that could prevent a textual search of the “My data” section
  • Changed the default display order on data list views: the data is now displayed in alphabetical order
  • Improvement of the speed of displaying photos in remote access
  • Improved connection stability in remote access
  • Other minor bug fixes

May 2018

5.2.9 release

24 May 2018|

New features

  • “Slide area”: Adding “slides” to the sidebar for “My data”


  • Case “Select All”: Replace a “Select All” button in favor of a checkbox.
  • Profile Image: Corrected refresh of the profile image in the “My Profile” section.
  • Contact profile picture: Correcting the display of the profile picture of the contacts
  • Improved display times: Optimization of display times of file blocks
  • My Drop Zone Return Button: Added a clickable on the “My Drop Zone” heading for a return to the parent zone.
  • Info bubble over file: Adding an informative message of the files overflowed in grid mode in the spheres.
  • Task counter in progress: Correction of the current task counter.

5.1.1 release

3 May 2018|

New features

  • Alert for the launch of safe-strong service: This feature allows you to hold the current launch of the new offer “My-Safe”
  • Viewing the password on the page “My account” : Added a button to view your password.
  • Account Creation – Language and Country of Residence: When creating your account, you can specify your language and country of residence.


  • Images preview of the spheres: Correction of the image serving as visual to the sphere
  • Tutorial Steps: Reordering Tutorial Steps
  • Popin Waiting Wire: Adding an Informational Message of the Progress of the File in the Queue

April 2018

5.0.0 release

25 April 2018|

New features

  • Drag and drop: This new feature allows you to drop your files into a Drop Zone wherever you are.
  • Deleting emails: Adding a button to select and delete emails
  • Adding a user: Setting a button on the left menu to add a user


  • Full selection of contacts and emails: Correction of the complete selection button in the contacts and emails area.
  • File processing time: Optimization of file processing times of a backup.
  • Add file to a new sphere: Add an informative message to find the newly created sphere.
  • Photo search: Correction of the results displayed after a search carried out, where no result
  • Activity Feed Display: Fixed Repetition of Activity.

February 2018

4.4.13 release

15 February 2018|


  • Support for m4a audio format: Added support for m4a audio format

4.4.10 release

2 February 2018|


  • Message confirmation add/delete in a sphere: Correction of the informative message of adding or deleting elements in a sphere.
  • Pagination of blocks in remote access: Correction of the pagination of the blocks for a complete display
  • Refresh the display of existing spheres: Fixed refreshing existing spheres when adding elements
  • Display of the wall of a sphere in remote access: Correction of the display of spheres in remote access
  • Viewing photos in remote access: Correction when a second view of a photo

January 2018

Version 4.4.7

29 January 2018|

New features

  • Choice of language: You can from now on choose your preferred language at any time.Click on the top right to change it.
  • Add the eye on forgotten password and invitation: This feature allows you to view your password.
  • Account creation – Language and country of residence: When creating your account, you can now choose your language and country of residence.
  • Multiple / group selection: You have the possibility to make a multiple selection of several visible elements.
  • Fix
  • Video player: Correction of the launch of the video player in list mode and in the heading \”All files”
  • Message to the first video playback: Correcting the message when playing a video for the first time.
  • Viewing photos by date: Resetting the sort order when changing the type of display.
  • Search engine for the Recycle Bin : Fixed Search Functionality to the trash.
  • Viewing files waiting for processing: Correcting the message of files waiting to be processed when queuing files to be backed up
  • “Cancel” button after displaying photo filters: Fixed the cancel button display during the selection mode in the photos section
  • Switch to the next photo with the viewer: Added ability to navigate between photos with the list viewer
  • View the last saved files on the home page: Add a button “Show all folders “
  • Filter on document extensions: Extension filter correction
  • Pagination of elements in list view: Correction to display the last element.