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Manage users

1. User roles

Owner :
The owner is the person who installed the helixee. This role cannot be transferred to another person. He is the only one who can invite new users and manage everyone’s rights.

User :
Users can backup data on the helixee within the space limit defined by the owner. It can create sharing spheres and interact with other users.

Guest :
The guest cannot backup data on the helixee, but can consult and interact in the areas to which other users have invited him.

2. Adding user to your helixee

To invite a new user to your helixee, go on

  • In the side menu, click on Add a new user
  • Enter the email address of the new user
  • Choose a role for the new user
  • Click on Validate

Users have the possibility to suggest users to the owner on the “User Account” page.
The owner can access the suggested new users on this same page. He then has the choice of inviting him or her or refusing the invitation.

3.  Managing users

To manage the users of your helixee go to the “User accounts” page of the web application

Capacity bar :
The capacity bar allows you to have an overview of the disk space usage of your helixee.

Users list :
The user list lists all the people on your helixee. You can directly manage the space assigned to each user, modify their role or block the account.

Sent invitations :
Invitations sent and awaiting acceptance by the new user are kept for 2 weeks in this list before being automatically cancelled. You can return an invitation or cancel it.

User suggestions :
Users can suggest new users to the owner by providing their name, first name and email address. The owner can then invite him or her or refuse the invitation.

4.  Managing quotas

Each User of the helixee has a storage space defined by the owner.
The size of this space is 5 GB by default, however the owner can change it at any time.

Important !

If the owner allocates a smaller quota than the data already on the account, the user will no longer be able to add data, but the excess will still be available.

5.  Blocking a user

You can restrict a user’s access in 3 ways:

  • Reduce your quota:
    By reducing a user’s quota to 0 GB, they will no longer be able to add data to their account, they will still have access to their data and will be able to create and share spheres.
  • Change the role:
    By changing a user to “Guest”, you block access to his data, he will only be able to consult and interact with the spheres to which he is invited.
    However, his data is not deleted from the helixee, so when you give him back the “User” rights he will have access to all his data.
  • Disable the account:
    In the user list, checking the “Inactive” box will block the user’s access to the helixee. All his data is kept, he will be able to find them as soon as the access is granted again by the owner.

6.  Accepting an invitation to a helixee

You have received an invitation to join a helixee or a sphere in your mailbox, to accept the invitation :

You already have an account:

  • Click on the Log in button in the invitation mail.
  • On the login page, enter information:
    •   helixee’s name : Name of the helixee on which you are invited.
    •   E-mail address : the e-mail address of your helixee account.
    •   Password : Your account password.

You do not have a helixee account:

  • Click on the button Create an account in the invitation email.
  • Fill in your personal information.
  • Set a password for your account.

For more details on how to create an account, see this chapter.


You must accept the invitation within 2 weeks. After this period it is necessary to be sent a new invitation.