Helixee in the NAS Market

In 2016, the global consumer NAS market was valued at $2.18 billion. This is expected to reach $8.20 billion by 2025, according to a report published by Grand View Research, Inc. The demand for efficient backup systems, speedy data transfers, and cost-effective storage systems is huge. The home segment was one of the largest segments in 2016 and is maintaining high growth. The consumer NAS market is growing due to the low cost of products and their easy installation. Consumers also have an increase in purchasing power with higher disposable incomes which contributes to the growth of the NAS market. The modern-age generations are more tech savvy and there is an increase in demand for a variety of technoligical products.

Helixee in the NAS Market

Both the home and business segments are growing at large. The business segment is estimated to grow 15.4% by 2025. There are many large technology companies and condsiderable investments in research and development that contribute to the growth of this industry. Currently, North America has a large market share in the overall global market which is followed by Europe. There is an increasing amount of awareness by consumers of NAS products and an increasing usage of such products.

Europe is gaining a large market share in the industry. As a start-up in France, Novathings can expect to see an increase in demand with the ever-growing technology industry. Helixee can compete in the NAS market thanks to its ease of installation and use. It is a product that offers the individual a personal cloud and a private social network.

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