What is it?

An “E-réputation,” a French term, is similar to an online reputation, simply taken much more seriously in French companies. As a result, these businesses have pressed the importance of maintaining a good image online and retaining good connections with their clients and who they interact with on social media. Even on the individual level, French youths are warned about the image that they portray on the internet which can either advance their professional career or limit their future opportunities.

The “e-réputation” or online reputation describes how you as an individual or as a business are seen on the internet. This can include positive or negative reviews of your product or business as well as older mugshots, damaging articles, and unflattering or inappropriate photos.

Why is it important that we maintain a good “e-réputation”?

It might seem self-explanatory as to why it is important to maintain a good reputation online. It is just as important to maintain good connections with your customers and to keep an active online presence.

Online management can work both ways in terms of promoting yourself or your business. Even if you are not active on social media and don’t post anything about yourself or your business for fear of damaging your reputation, you are still not letting the internet work in your favor. If nothing comes up when a potential employer “googles” your name, you are not taking advantage of how the internet can promote you, your skills, and your business.

How do we protect ourselves from a bad “e-reputation”?

Reputation management services are becoming more prevalent as the importance of a good online reputation increases. Even the famous Monica Lewinsky scandal exploded because of internet gossip columns and tabloid magazines. Lewinsky’s reputation has been forever tarnished and a normal job and life are impossible now.

In response to negative attention online, it is vital that you take control of what people are saying about you or your business. Be responsive to critical customers and negative reviews by explaining where the problem went wrong. If it was on your end, take the following steps to minimize the chance that it will happen again. Develop strategies for dealing with displeased customers and be quick with responses to any concerns.

To maintain a good reputation, set up Google Alerts on your devices. Make sure that you can see what people are saying about you, good or bad. Being on-top-of your “e-réputation” will save a lot of headache down the road.

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