Manage your data

Manage your data 1. Deleting backed up data from your helixee IN THE WEB APPLICATION: If you want to delete files on your helixee, just select them and click on . They will remain in your recycle bin for 30 days before they disappear. Beyond this period, [...]


See your data

See your data 1.  Search and filter files To view specific items, to delete or share them, you can filter your data using the "filter" function. In the helixee online application (in a web browser) Click on "by files" on the left menu, and select a data type, [...]


How to use applications

How to use applications 1.  Logging in Thank you for installing the helixee application. During this installation, helixee has created a shortcut icon on your desktop. ON YOUR PC/MAC DESKTOP COMPUTER 1. To open the helixee app on your computer, double-click on the helixee icon [...]


Manage users

Manage users 1. User roles Owner : The owner is the person who installed the helixee. This role cannot be transferred to another person. He is the only one who can invite new users and manage everyone's rights. User : Users can backup data [...]


Account settings

Account settings 1.  Add/change your profile picture To edit your profile photo, go to, then click on your name to bring up the drop-down menu.. Then click on "my profile". Click on  underneath your profile photo, and choose an image on your computer. [...]


helixee Smart Disk settings

helixee Smart Disk settings 1. Informations about your helixee To get information about your helixee, log in to your helixee via the interface : To do so, follow these steps: Launch a web browser (chrome / safari...), in the address bar, type Authenticate yourself: enter [...]


Overview and prerequisites

Overview and prerequisites 1. Technical specifications DIMENSIONS height : 163,8 mm diameter : 96 mm WEIGHT helixee 'no drive' : 325g helixee 1TB/ 2TB : 452g PROCESSOR ARM Cortex-A8 dual core 1GHz MEMORY 512 Mb SDRAM CONNECTIVITY Wifi 802.11 b/g/n Ethernet port 10/100 Mbps USB [...]

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