The French and the protection of their personal data.

The CSA (Consumer Science and Analytics) institute published on the 2017 edition of their survey on the concerns of the French in relation to the security of their personal data.

This survey shows that 90% of respondants said they were worried about the protection of their personal data posted online.

Data protection is a priority addressed by Helixee. The data stored on your hard drive is encrypted. Thanks to a secure and patented access system, which passes through the Novathings information system, helixee offers users a high level of confidentiality for sharing and accessing their data. The Helixee operting system is designed in such a way that the data of each user is well separated. Futhermore, unlike all competitors, helixee does not use the UPnP protocol (plug and play) which represents a real security breach, as the FBI notes in a letter dedicated to the security of connected objects.

The second interesting point emphasizes that social networks only have a 10% confidence level.

Helixee represents a safe alternative aspect for social networks especially when sharing your personal data (images, videos, etc…). Helixee is the only personal cloud to implement a real private social network that allows users to not only exchange data (photos, videos, contacts, documents) but also to interact between users like Facebok (users can like and comment on data and invite other users even if they do not have a helixee).

The French and the protection of their personal data.